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Website > Register

You have exactly 4 ways to register on Donation Tracker.
Firstly, the normal registration form or selecting between 3 social logins:

-> Facebook
-> Google
-> Twitch

If you choose the normal registration form, make sure that you enter a valid e-mail address because a link to this e-mail address is sent - it must be confirmed by you.

In the Social Login method this is not necessary!
After logging in via social login, you will be prompted for your username that you enter here. After confirming you are already logged in and ready to go.

Info: If you're new to Donation-Tracker, you will automatically perform a 4 step tutorial through the settings.

Website > Settings

Here you can edit your account.
You have many options, for example - add donations manually, add your Social Links, add a avatar or change the API text output etc.

However, the two most important points are the PayPal e-mail address, and the currency, these two fields must be set on the page, otherwise your donation page is empty / not callable.

And you can change your password or delete your account.

Info: If you're new to Donation-Tracker, you will automatically perform a 4 step tutorial through the settings.

Website > Dashboard

The Dashboard page is divided into 4 pages, to a dashboard overview page itself, as well as 3 other points, which are:

-> Download app
-> Fundraising goal
-> Premium

On the Dashboard (Overview page) you can see all incoming donations, with note, username, donation amount, date and transaction number in a table and directly above a graphical diagram.
Please note, if there is no donation in the last 7 days, so the graph is logically empty.

In the table itself, you have the option to delete or hide a donation. The mark on hide means that this donation will not be perceived by the Donation App.

You also have the option to add donations to your dashboard. Simply click on the link "Add a new donation", it opens a menu - there you can add the donation to your dashboard.

Website > Fundraising goal

A fundraising goal serves for a specific goal to raise money, as an example a new monitor for 250.00 dollar.

Click on the link "Create new Goal", it opens a menu where you enter the name and the goalsum - then click on "Create Goal". That's it!

Effective immediately, all donations are credited to the goal!

If you have an active fundraising goal, this will be displayed on your donation page.

You can add this information to your livestream via textfile. More information can be found in the section "Textfiles".

You can edit your goal, click on the link "Edit" - it opens a menu where you can change the name and the goalsum.

Finally, you also have the option to delete the goal. Click on the link "Delete goal".

Info: If you have an active goal, but you want to create a new goal, this will replace your old goal! That means max. 1 goal is possible!

Donation-App > Installation

After you download the Donation Tracker App, you can install quite as usual.

Tested under Win XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32/64 bit).

After the installation, start the application - it appears the configuration page, please enter your Channel, API Key and the Language.

Your Channel and API Key is available on your dashboard page top right (website).

Donation-App > Sounds

You can set the sound function on or off.

If you have turned on the sound function, you can select your soundfile from a folder.

Is your sound function turned on, you automatically see an extra function named "Sound Graduation".
If you select this, you can add 5 soundfiles that are played according to the amount of the donation.

Sound Graduation:

-> 0.00-9.99 = Soundfile 1
-> 10.00-24.99 = Soundfile 2
-> 25.00-49.99 = Soundfile 3
-> 50.00-99.99 = Soundfile 4
-> 100.00-infinity = Soundfile 5

Note: Allowed formats: mp3/wav | Maxiumum soundlength 5 seconds!

Donation-App > Textfiles

Your donations texts are automatically generated from the Donation App.

The textfiles can be found in your installation folder (eg C:\Program Files (x86)\Donation-Tracker\Resources\).

6 different texts are available:

-> goal.txt (Fundraising goal)
-> lastdonor.txt (Last donor)
-> recent.txt (Last 5 donations)
-> topever.txt (Top donor total time)
-> toptoday.txt (Top Donor Today)
-> topmonth.txt (Top Donor Month)

Info: You can change the text formatting inside the Donation App.

Implementing in Live Streams (OBS example):
beispiel 1
Enter now your textfile name. Confirm by clicking on OK.
beispiel 2
This will open the text menu, here you can select the font / color etc, but the most important thing is to add to your textfile.

Make sure the the option "Use text from file" is selected - click on "Browse" and select one of our donations texts (Find it: C:\Program Files (x86)\Donation-Tracker\Resources\).
beispiel 3
That's it! Your donation text has been added.

Donation-App > Visual Alert

You can set the visual alert function on or off.

If you have activated this option the Donation App generates an infographic for each new donation, which will automatically disappear after 8 seconds.

In the settings there a many options to change, for example: animations, colors, and much more.

You can test your settings simply by clicking on Visual Alert Test on the Dashboard page.

Implementing in Live Streams (OBS example):

Add a new window capture
beispiel 4
Enter now your window capture name. Confirm by clicking on OK.
beispiel 5
This will open the capture window menu, here you can select the donation tracker app.

Choose inner window.

Disable capture mouse cursor.

Select the sub-region and define the size of the receiving area.
The sub-region should only the Bluescreen (Visual Alert) range.

Select Use Colorkey (Chroma Key). Here you add the background color of bluescreen.

HEX Color: #3886bb | RGB Color: 56,134,187

Confirm by clicking on OK.
beispiel 6
That's it! Your Visual Alert has been added.

Donation-App > Twitch-Donationbot

You can set the Twitch-Donationbot function on or off.

If you have activated this option, enter below in the two fields your Twitch account username and the language output.

If you received a new donation - the donationbot connects to your Twitch Chat and notify via message that a new donation is received.

Looks like:

Donationtracker: New donation from USER - $100.00

Please give the bot in your channel mod-rights, which goes as follows:

Sign in to and go to your channel, now you have to type the following into your chat:

/mod Donationtracker

Confirm by pressing Enter, it should now appear the following text in your chat:

"You have added donationtracker as a moderator."

Your Twitch-Donationbot is now ready to use.

Donation-App > Troubleshooting

Q: I can't install the app
    A1: Please check, if is your Anti-Virus Program / Firewall blocking the app.
    A2: Windows Smart Screen is blocking the app / installation. Disable it.
    A3: Run the app as an administrator.

Q: My textfiles are not updating
    A1: Please check, if is your Anti-Virus Program / Firewall blocking the app.
    A2: Run the app as an administrator.
    A3: Add Admin/Root rights to your Donation-Tracker folder.
    A4: Remove the write-protection / read-only option from your Donation-Tracker folder.

Q: My soundiles are not playing
    A1: Please check if the path is ok.
    A2: Test another soundfile or path.
    A3: Your soundlength is longer then 5 seconds.

Your problem is not listed? Contact Support

API > Using the API

To use our API programming skills are required.
The API interface is based on JSON. Therefore, you can easily grap the data via AJAX / PHP / JSON​​.

To access our API, please connect to our endpoint:
Don't forget to add your Channel and API Key, replace this with the marked XXXX.

Important: Multiple API calls within 5 seconds are not allowed, this will ban your IP for a few seconds!

API > Variablen

The donation variables are all within the donations object.
Variable Description
username Username from donor
note Note from donor
timestamp Donor time (CET Germany)
amount Donation amount
currency Donation currency
currency_symbol Donation currency symbol
transaction_id Transaction ID
paypal_email PayPal email address from the donor

If you want to list all donations, you need to create a for loop.
You need only 1 or the last donation? Use donations[0].variable

Example Response:
{ "donations":[ { "username":"Donation-Tracker", "note":"Your message goes here!", "timestamp":"1407240045", "amount":"75.00", "currency":"USD", "currency_symbol":"$", "transaction_id":"DT-F0PGNGB3O", "paypal_email":"" } ], "api_check":"1" }

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