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Donation-Tracker: Easy and safe!

Our users are directed via a secure connection to PayPal, where they carry out the payments, then the user is redirected back to Donation Tracker and the payment has been successfully completed! The payment receiver has now all data in the Donation Tracker.

how it works

Donation App

With our app you keep the summary!

  • Donation Alert (Sound, Visual via Chroma Key, etc)
  • Clickable links
  • Textfiles formatting
  • Twitchbot
  • Gravatar user images
  • Ticket-Supportsystem
donation-tracker donation app


Simple and easy to use!

  • Account overview
  • Add donations manually
  • Editable donations (delete/hide)
  • Fundraising goals
  • Own donations page
  • API for developers
  • and much more
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Donation-Tracker App (PC)



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