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What is Donation-Tracker? Donation Tracker is a page, that simply controls your incoming PayPal donations. After sign up you have your own donations page where other people can donate a desired amount. Our dashboard has many options. We offer a Donation App, that you can use live in the background to be notified on new donations. Our Donation App is perfect for livestreamers, because all data are exported live as a text file!
What does this service cost? Nothing! It's absolutely free.
Is my data safe? Your data is backed up daily by us!
My data are confidential. What exactly do you do with that? Your data is your data! Your information is not used for advertising or other purposes. In order to further improve our service, we evaluate some data anonymously for statistical purposes. This includes, for example, the number of logins, donations inputs & account settings.

We store in our server log files information that your browser automatically transmits to us, for example: Browser Version, OS, IP. This data will be deleted after a statistical evaluation.
I forgot my password. Help! On the forgot password page, you can easily request a new password.
How do I change my password? You can change your password on our dashboard settings page.
Can I delete my account? Yes! You can delete your account on our dashboard settings page.
I want to use Donation-Tracker as a donor, which payment options do i have? Donations can currently only be made through PayPal. We are committed at a later time to install additional payment options!
I want to use Donation-Tracker as a donor, which costs are incurred? None! It's absolutely free.
Can i change my username or E-Mail adress later? No! If you have any problems, please contact us via our contact form, we will assist you soon as possible!
My incoming donations are not recorded, what can i do? Please use our contact form, we will help you soon as possible!
My question is not listed here, what can i do? Please use our contact form, we will help you or answer your questions soon as possible!

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